A small neighborhood swim school taught from a private home in Valley Village. I teach about 200 kids per season!

Located in the heart of Valley Village, CA, iSwimin10 is an innovative swim immersion program that teaches kids 3 1/2 & up to swim in 10, 30 min classes. Our program is also designed to teach kids who already know how to swim, the 4 basic swim strokes (breast, Butterfly, back and Freestyle). Lessons are offered in the Spring, Summer, and early Fall. 

Riverside Dr, Valley Village, CA 91607 



Brande LaHaye 

Brande LaHaye is a certified water safety instructor with a degree in child development. Coach Brande is the founder of the iSwimin10program.

"I've found that the 2 week immersion method is the fastest way to achieve water safety and confidence in the important ability for a child to swim on a their own. I have also 
discovered children respond better in a mix skilled class. 
Seeing other children doing the same thing helps take the 
fear out of swimming and encourage a child to swim at their full potential". - Coach Brande 

Brande LaHaye's Feature - Voyage LA 

Meet Brande LaHaye of iSwimin10 in Valley Village and Studio City

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brande LaHaye.

Brande, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?