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Maintenance Classes

Why maintenance classes?

Like with most skill sets, the more you practice the better and safer you will become. Without maintenance lessons, your child's new swimming skills could regress. Younger children who have completed the iSwimin10 program often need additional time to learn how to pick their heads up, take a breath, and continue swimming, which is the hardest yet most essential part of learning to swim.  iSwimin10 does not introduce breathing until the child is ready.  Introducing this skill to your child at the right time turns a timid student into a safe and confident swimmer.

Who can sign up?

​Maintenance classes are reserved exclusively for children who have completed the iSwimin10 program. Classes are 30 minutes long, consist of up to 3 children per class and are taught by certified iSwimin10 instructors. The cost is $24/per class. All classes are available for booking online. More information on how to start booking classes will be given once your child starts at iSwimin10. 

Get started!

  • Maintenance classes are available to any child who has completed the iSwimin10 course
  • Classes Start May 7th
  • NEW: one account for clients that have multiple children. See instructions below
  • NEW: because we have grown so big, I’m implementing class levels this year. Email me if you are unsure which level is right for your child!
  • NEW: many of you have asked...Introducing Stroke instruction maintenance classes for children who have taken the 10 day intro to stroke class!​
  • The “10 class package” is back! Basically if you buy 9 classes you get one free. This can be split between multiple children!
  • All classes must be used by Sept 1st 2019.
  • Please note the 24hr cancelation policy.
  • If classes are full, join the waitlist. When a spot opens up everyone on the waitlist is emailed and it is first come first serve.
  • Out of fairness to everyone, I will post the maintenance classes one month at a time. This allows those that are currently in a session to also have a chance to book classes.
  • “Like” iSwimin10 on facebook and be the first to know! I don’t like to send out mass emails. When classes are added I post it on facebook!
  • Coach Nicole is getting married and will be gone the week of June 24th, then iSwimin10 is closed the week of July 1st. That’s 2 weeks of no classes, so plan accordingly.

*Class Levels are based on skill level NOT age:

Level 1: Typically (but not always) children 3-4 yrs of age. Children still working on paddles and kicks, moving themselves through the water, as well as confidence. Working on the rhythm of picking their head up to breath.

Level 2: Typically (but not always) children ages 5-7. Children that are swimming independently but still working on taking their breath on their own. Or are already taking a breath but need more practice. This class will also work in the deep end and work on longer distance swims.

Stroke: Children who have already taken the intro to stoke class. During maintenance class they will fine tune each stroke.

Sign up instructions:

For parents with only one student:

Step 1 Go to fitli.com or download the fitli app to your phone 

Step 2. Search for iSwimin10!

Step 3. Create an account using your CHILD'S
 name, not yours.

Step 4. Purchase package of 10 class or book single classes

For parents with multiple students: For now, you will need to use fitli.com NOT the app. The app is not set up yet for multi family members, but will be shortly.

Step 1 Go to fitli.com and create an account. 

Step 2. Search form iSwimin10!

Step 3. Create an account using the PARENTS name

Step 4. Purchase the "get connected" class for $0
By adding the "get connected" class I can now see your account on my end. I will then be able to add your children on to your account so you can book classes for multiple children.

Step 5. Email me and ask me to add your children names to the account

Step 6. Purchase the 10 day class pack (can be used between multiple children) or buy single classes.

For Parents who already have a Fitli account:

If you have multiple accounts, use the email address/password that you want to be your primary.This is the one you will use every time moving forward. Sign in and follow the instructions above for multiple students or single students, which everyone applies to you.

If you just have one account, sign in and follow either the instructions above. Either one child or multiple, whichever applies to you.