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Maintenance Classes

Why maintenance classes?

Like with most skill sets, the more you practice the better and safer you will become.  Without maintenance lessons, your child's new swimming skills could regress. Younger children who have completed the iSwimin10 program often need additional time to learn how to pick their heads up, take a breath, and continue swimming, which is the hardest yet most essential part of learning to swim.  iSwimin10 does not introduce breathing until the child is ready.  Introducing this skill to your child at the right time turns a timid student into a safe and confident swimmer.

Who can sign up?

​Maintenance classes are reserved exclusively for children who have completed the iSwimin10 program. Classes are 30 minutes long, consist of up to 3 children per class and are taught by certified iSwimin10 instructors. The cost is $24/per class. All classes are available for booking online. More information on how to start booking classes will be given once your child starts at iSwimin10. 

Get started!

You can sign up/buy classes. Classes will need to be used by September 1st. They will not roll over to next year. 

Book and cancel your classes as you see fit using a online app. Please make note of the cancellation policy.

Parents of two or more children:

For now, you will need to create two accounts with two different email addresses.  We hope to have this problem fixed by the end of June. 

​Sign up here to book your classes, or use the calendar below!