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Riverside Dr, Valley Village, CA91607 

iSwimin10 program
Ages 3 1/2 and up only!

All sessions are a 10 days (2 weeks M-F)

Monday - Friday only, no weekend lessons 

Classes are 30 min long.

Small groups of 3 children per class, 4 children for stroke class

Cost $400/per child for the 10 day session

Please check the registration tab for current schedule and class times

No weekend classes
No privates

There might be two classes in the pool at the same time (meaning 2 teachers each with a group of 3-4 kids)

Maintenance classes are highly recommended once course is completed

Expecting your child to be completely water safe and never needing another lesson after 10 days is unrealistic. They will learn A LOT in 10 days, however, most children need to continue with swim classes 1-2x a week (maintenance classes) Please see class description for more information on this. 

Heated Pool (90 degrees) Chlorine

Follow steps 1-4 on the schedule page to register